Diva in a Yellow Tank Brings Back the Party

Diva In A Yellow Tank Brings Back The Party

As much as music moves forward into modern new sounds there will always be music fans yearning for a piece of the classic music they grew up on. Bands that are able to find that perfect spot in the middle that blends retro and modern all at once will grab the hearts and minds of listeners. One such band that seems to have hit this spot perfectly is our latest discovery Diva In A Yellow Tank.

The band hails from the beautiful beaches of South Florida. The sun seeps into the music down there and has created some truly interesting sounds. Diva In A Yellow Tank has birthed something quite unique. They found a way to bring their favorite old school lo-fi music into the future. The style is retro but brings in a lot of the new wave, post-rock, and beach music sounds to create something fresh.

Diva In A Yellow Tank Is Ready To Lead The Party

The band released their debut self-titled Diva In A Yellow Tank album earlier this year. The 10 track record is still picking up steam as it reaches more and more listeners. Straight from the opener the listener knows they are in for something quite different. “Lazy’ grabs attention with its stop-start vibe. The organ sounds and drums lay the groundwork as the entertaining lyrics keep the flow moving. The grooving guitar tone of “Trouble In My Mind” perks up the energy demanding your head to bounce along. The vocals just beg to be sung along. This music is just plain fun.

We head in a slightly darker vibe with “Lost & Found”. The pounding drum beat and psychedelic organs of the beginning give way to a raw dance tone that gave me images of Tom Petty singing at an Austin Powers swingers party. A beautiful organ solo is thrown in for good measure too.

The slowed down “Just Because” gives off the feeling of a beach campfire with the perfect soundtrack provided by Diva In A Yellow Tank. The vocals approach the nerd-new-wave of Elvis Costello here. The party picks up again on “Burnt Toast”. The pace changes within make the heart speed up and slow down along with the track. You can feel the emotion put into this one.

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