Album Cover
Diva in a Yellow Tank
Diva in a Yellow Tank
Released: Oct 17, 2017
Track Listing
1 Lazy
2 Trouble in My Mind
3 Irretrievable
4 Lost & Found
5 Always There
6 Just Because
7 Last Week Monday
8 Sunny Day
9 Burnt Toast
10 Suspicious

Liner Notes

DL Mandell: vocals, keys

Dean Anthon: guitar

Marissa Mandell: bass

Bryan David Johnson: drums, vocals

Songs 1-4, 6-10: words and music by DL Mandell  © 2017

Song 5: words and music by Bryan David Johnson  © 2017

Mixed and Mastered by Bryan David Johnson, SoundLot Music, Boynton Beach, FL (

Album artwork by Vik Arrieta & Pabo Galuppo



Diva In A Yellow Tank (LP)
The Upshot: A ton of poppy fun via memorable melodies and delightful vocal harmonies. Sunshine pop from the Sunshine State have never sounded more luminous. [Read More...]
Diva in a Yellow Tank: Album: "Lost and Found"
SFL Onstage
Meet Diva in a Yellow Tank! They just released their first album and you can even get it on vinyl! How cool is that? When you take a listen you will hear a cool Indy vibe and a very unique sound that you cannot get enough of. This is a breath of fresh air from what you are listening to now. [Read More...]
Diva in a Yellow Tank Brings Back the Party
Indie Band Guru
As much as music moves forward into modern new sounds there will always be music fans yearning for a piece of the classic music they grew up on. Bands that are able to find that perfect spot in the middle that blends retro and modern all at once will grab the hearts and minds of listeners. One such band that seems to have hit this spot perfectly is our latest discovery Diva In A Yellow Tank. [Read More...]
Diva in a Yellow Tank -- 'Lost & Found'
Indie Spoonful
"With a wide range of influences both retro and modern, Diva in a Yellow Tank takes elements from psychedelic to post-rock music creating their distinct sound. Their song “Lost and Found” from their self-titled project is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the group." "Diva in a Yellow Tank bring back a nostalgic sound that you will fall in love with." [Read More...]
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